Workers' Compensation

What happens if your employer denies your Workers’ Compensation case?

You are out of work and you are no longer being paid. Your employer is not paying for appropriate medical care. Workers’ Compensation cases where the employer denies responsibility are very complicated. This requires an experienced attorney. Here are some situations where you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits:

  • If your injury occurred gradually over a long period of time instead of in a sudden accident, you may still be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. The time limits for reporting this situation are very short and it is important to get an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer as soon as possible.
  • You were previously injured but suffered an aggravation at work. The medical issues are complicated and this requires an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.
  • You were injured on a business trip, performing an errand, or going to or from the workplace. Some of these accidents are covered and some are not. This is a complicated legal issue that requires an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.
  • You suffered a psychiatric injury as a result of a work accident. This is a complicated medical question which requires an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.
  • You suffered a heart attack or a stroke due to unusual work conditions. This is a very difficult case to win but it is possible in some circumstances. This requires an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.
  • You need medical care which is not being provided by the employer. Although the employer has the right to direct treatment in a Workers’ Compensation case, in some situations you may be able to compel appropriate treatment.

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